NOAA Weather Radar - Weather Forecast & HD Radar App Reviews

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I used to love this app

I used to love this app and use it daily. Since the update and the massive change I hate it.


This is one of the best I’ve seen

Major front moving in cant see it not showing up on radar

I’m looking for an app that shows me live radar major front moving in not showing up on my radar

Excellent tracking

Great help in keeping safe. Out shines all others. Very useful Needed in bad weather to keep safe travels.

Too many ads, already paid for this app

I paid for this app deleted it and reinstalled it. Now its asking me to pay a membership. how ridiculous, a membership for what? I’m deleting this again!

NOAA Weather App

This app is great! ???

Virus ads

The ads displayed in this app are dangerous. I was directed to which tried to install a security certificate and trusted third party mail server on my phone. Beware!

Great job!

Pretty screen


This app has been free. It was great in case of an emergency to be able to see just what was going on. Now it’s $2.99 a week? Yet you only truly use it if there is a storm.

Don’t waste your time. It even worth free

Just trying to get you to buy more


Great app. Functional and works when needed..

Im surprised an ad didnt pop up while writing this review!

Without the steady bombardment of ads this app would be great. Back off the full screen ads please.

Old Design

The old design was much better

Great app

This is a great app. We always use it especially as possible storms are approaching


Want to discontinue

Too many popup ads

Seems like every time I change windows in this app I get ads. Very obnoxious.

very helpful toll

i’m a truck driver and this app is very helpful and is free , which I appreciate a lot ! Thank you and good job !

In the cloud

I deleted it off my phone. They think too highly of themselves. With all the weather apps available, do you really think a subscription is going to get you to the top of the ratings at Apple.

Good graphic

Good detail using the different colors.

Radar is great, forecast not so much

So the radar portion of this app is top notch, unfortunately the forecast portion which is more import to me is unusable. It is wrong literally (and I mean literally) every time I have checked it when there is going to be inclement weather. I opened it during a rain storm and it said the forecast was partly cloudy. This is, sadly, the norm and not the exception.

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