NOAA Weather Radar - Weather Forecast & HD Radar App Reviews

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Awesome App.

Great App. Get it for free.

App that informs and helps keep you safe.

NOAA Weather app push notifications on my iPad keep me informed of critical weather alerts. Very helpful! A must have app.

So so

Not that great. Weather channel radar is better

They asked me to review it every time I open it.

Ehhhh ...


Great app. I really like it.

I love it

I really like this app. Get waring in time and very accurate.


Good app. Like it a lot.

The app

Just downloaded 15 minutes ago. So far so good.

Most useful

I use noaa along with other weather websites to get an over all feel for nasty storms. I like hat they project to the future for storm movement.


Can’t change location from current one.


So thankful for this app! It has allowed my family to know about weather in traveling situations many times. We use it often at home as well to know where and in which storms are heading as we have had several tornados in our area. Thank you for always being there for us.

NOAA radar

Too many different versions to figure out. Annoying ads...why are there ads on a govt website?


The best!

Great weather app

I like this weather app very much

No, developer response does NOT help

I don’t want the premium version. I want the free version. I don’t mind ads. Normal ads. However, ads that take over the whole screen and take you to dubious websites are NOT acceptable.

NOAA weather

Doesn’t work well at all on iPhone

Love it

I love sitting in the nude while watching the weather


I am such a weather geek and I love this app and maybe y’all could add a 3D function to see how tall the storm is Thank all of you who came up with this and God bless all of you and your families.


How can you forecast heavy snow when others predict nothing?


This is NOAA — a government entity we fund thru taxes. Why charge for it.

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