NOAA Weather Radar - Weather Forecast & HD Radar App Reviews

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Full page pop ups


Ads ads ads.

Ive been on this app for 2 minutes and have had about 5-6 ads pop up. There isnt a local weather page, just a radar.

Unusable Due To Interruptions

Was planning to use this NOAA app as my prime weather source but quickly decided against it after a short trial. The amount of interruptions and distractions made the app unusable. In less than 10 minutes I received: • 3-4 full screen ads • 2-3 pop-ups for purchases (ringtones, upgrades, other apps) • 4 automatic redirects to browser • 2 automatic redirects to Apple store I never really got to look at the weather. I wouldn’t even trust the security of my device with this app. If you actually want to see the weather I recommend looking elsewhere.

Love it

Best visual for weather info

I love the radar

I love the radar, is better then listening to the news

The best!!!

The best!!

Fair but still has to be worked on...

I have been using this app since an year or so, but converse of Weather live this app isn’t as much helpful in prediction of weather. It has to be maintained yet ...

NOAA weather tells me the alerts weather at other places.

This is a good app?


In PR on january 10 we where under a full day non stop rain and the app show nothing.

Too Many Pop-ups

You cant get a peaceful look at your weather radar because the pop ups come every 2 or 3 seconds.

Newest version is a waste of time

I have used this app for some time but the last update screwed it up. Ads pop up constantly. Information is not available. Its not worth your trouble.

Entirely 100% Unreliable.

I’m sitting here in a major metropolitan, North American city. It’s pouring torrential rain, a few miles away there are landslides closing a highway, this storm is expected to take several hours to move through our region and yet this app shows Nothing, no storm, no rain, not even a cloud- No matter how many layers are toggled on or off, the app tells me the weather is all Clear. Yes, I’m viewing the correct time frame. This storm, which has been moving across our state for the past two days, appears No Where within this app. In the forecast section, it reports Zero precipitation, wind at 5mph, when our local sources (and just by looking outside) show substantial wind. Even the temperature is wrong. We’re far too many years along in this terrific world of iOS app dev to put up with junk like this. If I’d paid for this thing I’d be demanding a refund.


Nice but it doesnt have any effect but i love it


As soon as I chose to launch this app on my iPad, Safari opened a new tab with a clickbait link saying I’d won something. Really?

Great application

Maintain information updated.

Not a good app

I payed for this app and still have the stupid adds. Shouldn’t have to be premium for no adds. Total rip off


Better free apps on the market Spam pop-ups

So many ads

Unbelievable how many ads there are in the non-premium version. I uninstalled within two minutes of installing. —- I see your response and I stand by my comments. The ads are incredibly distracting even for a free ad-supported app and who in their right mind is paying for a weather app?

برنامج اكثر من رائع


Future radar???

Am I missing it?? What good is a radar app that doesn’t show into the future, at least 30 min ahead?

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