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I’m very familiar with the NOAA web site but find this app not that easy to use.

What happened to the jet stream depiction?

No one seems to have a depiction of the jetstream?

Charge after deletion

I downloaded this application for one day. It’s an ok weather application. I subsequently decided to delete it as I felt I didn’t need it for a subscription of 3 dollars a week. However, even after deletion I was charged 7 times. It took me a while to realize this was the case since I live abroad and don’t use my home country’s bank account that often. So a warning that this application automatically signs you up for subscription during your free trial. It does warn you of this. However, even though you may delete the app and never look at it again, they will charge you unless you log into iTunes and look at your subscription list. This seems unreasonable if you aren’t using the application. TL;DR application will still charge you if you delete it before free trial is over. You need to go on your computer to cancel the automatic subscription even during the free trial period.

Stop Taking my Money

Great app aside from the fact that this company will not stop charging me, nor is there a way to cancel the premium account. Getting very frustrated as I’m having a difficult time contacting the app to get a refund. This company must know they are dishonest because they will not post their contact information. Very disappointed.


I like using this radar, it's better than our local radar, more accurate.

Beware Subscription

This app’s installation flow deceptively signs users up to a very expensive subscription model. I willingly pay for good apps but reject those who have to trick you in to their product.

Rip off

Besides the endless hurricane notifications which were pointless where I live, this con app will automatically subscribe you for $3 a week. After noticing $15 of charges I said oh hell no....

Where’s the free with ads version?

7 day trial is terrible from App Store considering android version is always free with ads. Won’t be long b4 I switch back to android if this sorta crap is the norm.

Just No...

Really inaccurate. Will say 70% with no clouds in the sky. Pointless. Do not download

Terrible Ap

Worthless. Tried not to buy but it bypassed my fingerprint . Thought , well maybe it will be a useful ap since NOAA is a great surf forecaster . No. How do I cancel my subscription? They make it nearly impossible and now I pay for nothing.


I like this weather app it is very accurate.

Very little information

If you are paying the subscription, this app is worthless. Subscribe and you can get alerts and limited information

Best Weather App

Simply the best!

Needs better satellite data

The satellite map option is has week opacity and is very glitchy. Satellite cloud data is the most important when predicting weather. Most weather apps are falling to even put it on.

Mr. Solomon

Wonderful and realistic.

Tricky way to get your money

$2.99 per week $5.99 per 3 months $9.99 per year. Guess which one it defaults to...


The billing isn’t the best. I did an upgrade and was in hurricane Michael and lost service. Came back to WiFi to see a charge for 2.99 and I tried to upgrade to the 9.99 a year and they double charged me and still don’t have the premium without ads

Be subscription

They will charge you $2.99/week if you aren’t paying attention. Just avoid this app...lots of free options out there.


I think this app is great! I use this app more than I use my local ones.

Deceptive Advertising

Most of the app is just a trial. I wish they were more forthcoming instead of burying that fact before I wasted my time with it.

Consistently Inaccurate

I don’t know why people say it isn’t free. Minus a few features I have yet to pay for general rain information. Although it gives a general idea of the weather with some accuracy, it consistently is off by several hundred miles. What I mean is that it will predict my town as being in the middle of a storm with heavy rain fall when in reality the system passes several hours south of us and we may see some overcast but no rain at all. On occasion it will be almost right with its forecast but for the most part it is what I call “3 star iffy.” But definitely free minus a few features and ads aren’t so frustrating. Just close them and then view the weather....the slightly inna irate but generally ok prediction of the weather.

They Automatically sign you up for free trial

They don’t give me the option to say no & should make it easier to cancel your Scription



Love it!!!

Super great app!!! Love it!!

Should be free for public

This app is the most accurate weather radar app I’ve found in the store thanks for actually working

Beware this App is NOT Free!

What a scam! To get a few days free you have to sign up for recurring charges before you try the app!


Do not get this app, the billing is very misleading.

A very great app

This is a very good app for anyone to use to check the weather anywhere. It is easy, it is the best visual, and it has the best information available. I recommend this app to everyone friends and family because I care for their safety.


Best Radar on a user friendly app out there! Don’t change a thing !

Might be nice, but ads are a nuisance

Constant pop up ads make this inconvenient and slow to use.

Do not download complete ripoff

Sneaky app that appears to be a one time charge but takes money from your Apple account every week. This is a clever way to steal. Do not download.

Just deleted app

Used to be a great app, new layout and graphics are hard to see and use...older version was great...

Great App. Travel ready weather

Always ready rain or shine !

More Action

I’d like to see more colors and action.

Really like but needs 1 improvement.

This app works well. To bad most people can’t read well enough to see that the trial and pricing issue are ‘user’ based and have nothing to do with bad or misleading practices, sheesh, slow down and read, actually read. My one suggested change is to go with a different map service. I like Mapbox myself. I want more detail when I zoom out and Mapbox provides this. If I compare this app to the map service in my current weather app Storm from TWC, they use Mapbox, much greater detail when zoomed out on the same regions. Other than this issue, which hopefully you’ll consider, I’m looking forward to making this my full time weather app! Plus, the yearly fee of $9.99 which can be chosen during the trial, feels great. Reading AND understanding will carry you far ;)

App Steals Your Money DO NOT DOWNLOAD

I downloaded the app for the trial to use during Hurricane Florence. Deleted the app 2-3 days later. Come to find out I’m still being charged months later. I have contacted Apple regarding this (because I’m being charged $2.99 every two weeks). Do not download this app! It’s funny how you subscribe so easily but you have to jump through multiple hoops to stop being charged. Waste of money.


Get the FOH with these wack paid weather apps. Charging people for this garbage.


No fronts and pressure maps

Annoying ads

Please stop the ads or make them more off the main page. Or we will add NOAA to our BOYCOTT pages.

Too many pop-ups

I haven’t been able to see the screen yet for things constantly popping up. It’s really annoying and I will probably remove this app very soon.I don’t mind a few advertisements but at least let me use the actual app enough to make it worth my time.


To many adds.. and that makes it look cheesy.


...the pin pointed w/ real time elapse overlay is totally spot on.

No thanks

Not impressed

Very nice app!

It is a absolutely beautiful app with all the bells and whistle’s and all the alerts that you could possibly want, very colorful, interactive- but still too pricey for $2.99 per week!

NOAA Weather Live Pro

How do I cancel! They are charging $2.99 every week!!!


Great, up to date

Not good

This app is not worth the download Very disappointed lags, glitches, time delays, I’ve been having this app for a year plus, never improved in that time will be uninstalling!! there are better weather radar apps out there!!

Deceptive pricing

I had same problem as other reviewer. Had free trial then started getting charged $3/week. I’m canceling based on this marketing trick as I have trouble trusting developers that would pull such a stunt. Was going to give 2 stars because it’s a very cool app. I’ll consider joining again if a more straightforward pricing scheme is offered without the tricks. At this point I’m unable to even cancel!


Automatically charges you 3$ per week after you get the free trial.

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