NOAA Weather Radar - Weather Forecast & HD Radar App Reviews

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Don’t download just because it is noaa

They make you watch game advertisements. I know I can pay to get rid of adds but I don’t trust them enough to pay them die weather

Good Hurricane tracker

This app has good Hurricane tracker but I sure wish it was on the house one day or sooner that way I can track tropical cyclones more easily without paying for it.

Can’t use

Went to use this app and the ads do not have a way to be dismissed even when submitting to the click bait. If you are lucky enough to see the radar then the app closes and starts the ad cycle all over. Too many weather apps out there to try and deal with this one.

Rv traveler

Too much ads to even use app

Trying to find

I’m trying to find how to find out the weather in both Aniak AK and GraylingAK. Can’t find a search


This is us govt data ( which was useful when they ran it)now ruined by these clowns .Havent been able to use the thing since up date . Looks like a the graphics done by a computer gamer for young children . Junk .

My clam around the storm.

I love this app

Love it!

It tells me whats going on where I live!

To many notifications

When traveling locally I see no reason to get notifications when you carouse into a new town. I have received 5 notifications travel for work today.

Five thumbs up

Works. Best info.

Newer is not always better

Hey App developers newer and more complicated is not always better. I just need a quick look at the weather including if it will be windy or chances of precipitation. The map continually reloads and is hard to pinpoint....


The radars used don’t see in Canada and I don’t mean Toronto which is a very tiny part of canada

Good app but Walmart gift card scam popped up

Was tricked into giving personal info with bogus reward for being a loyal customer ended up being a survey

Was ok

After recent update, now app just crashes and screen freezes. Unacceptable because Im a roofer, my job is directly affected by rain. Also, not very accurate comparatively. Feel bad for all those people paying for this app. Ill stick with other weather apps, better accuracy and better platform.




Great app

Ad flooded garbage

Response to dev: Free apps need ads. How profound. My complaint was the very frequent FULL SCREEN ads that take over. Full screen ads constantly take over the app. Obnoxious. Deleted. Won’t be back

Ad happy

Too many ads. Cant get to location details easily.


The alerts are nice, knowing what is coming and what is happening.

Alfonso Reyes

Amazing weather radar, I really enjoy keep inform of weather conditions around San Antonio. Thx.

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