NOAA Weather Radar - Weather Forecast & HD Radar App Reviews

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It’s Great!?

This helps me a lot with the weather

This helps me a bunch what’s the weather but Kickin for a lot of Maple Valley Washington

Paid for no ads

Paid so I would not have ads and ads are still imbedded and activate when you look at the forecast.

Ad app or weather app?

This app BARRAGES you with ads at a very high rate of frequency, making it IMPOSSIBLE to use features of free subscription. There are enough good weather apps out there so this one will be trashed


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Old Version was Better..

I used to check the old version all the time, due to it being easy to navigate and ran pretty quickly. However, the new update is slower and riddled with ads. There is a premium version, but why get that when it’s still going to be slow? And also, you have to get the premium version to get hurricane paths? Really?? I feel like you shouldn’t have to pay for that, as you didn’t have to pay for it before the big update. So to the developers, please give a little more availability to the user, and also (if you can) try to have a more reliable and faster running time.

Nice weather app

This, is a nice weather app. nauseum

Just updated this app I have used frequently in the past. Now, it bombards with links to amazon surveys 2 seconds after you open the app..... or to upgrade to premium requests , etc! Sorry to say, but I’m dropping this app like a rock! The previous version was not nearly as bad, but this is terrible! I’d give it ZERO stars if I could!

Malicious Ads

Deleting this app, I was taken to a malicious ad in Safari after opening this app this morning. I viewed the info panel with a badge and the ad opened automatically.


Works like the NOAA website!


Excellent very accurate.....


Seams to work good, still have to check accuracy....., however too many adds

Not impressed with this app

Not liking this app as much as my other radar app. I look at this one now and again but it just doesnt do it for me. Sorry, cant give you more then 4 out of 10 thumbs up.

It shows the weather and ads

Half weather and half ads :(

Useless and full of scams

First of all it constantly has pop ups that ask you to buy something or send you to a scam website. Not all it is the current radar. No way to see future or past. It basically does nothing. .

Multiple full screen ads per session

Multiple full screen ads per session. Enough said. Look elsewhere... there are better apps out there.


This app is a ad filled scam. The app is unusable because of all the pop up ads, I say 15 ads in the first 30 seconds and 7 of them were pop ups that happened while i was navigating the app tricking me into clicking on the ad. Stay away from this garbage.

It is


Pretty accurate

Does a good job at predicting the weather. Just a little slow at times.


Very helpful and accurate. Best app Ive used for weather so far.

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