NOAA Weather Radar - Weather Forecast & HD Radar App Reviews

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Great app but sometimes slow

Very good app with accurate and timely radar images but sometimes the radar in motion is slow to load.


I dont check it until there are dire warnings on other weather sources then its handy to see what and how quickly things are happening

Government websites are terrible

And this one is no exception! Just keeps updating the same previous 30 minutes or so constantly as a default. No way to see actual weather fronts and satellite imagery. Constant ads. Come on NOAA. Try harder! Some of us need a functioning weather app we can trust. This ain’t it.


Ease of use is a strong trait. Enjoy this

Amazing weather coverage

And my radar has provided me with the needed information time and time again regarding whether and needs for safety and planning! I love the various features that are provided such as wind speed earthquakes and clear radar! Kudos to the writers of my radar!

Not accurate.

Does not reflect information given via NOAA radio. Reply: When the app shows 20mph winds near Laramie WY and reality shows 40-60mph gusts and the interstate closed to lite vehicles ya might think such information important.

Not very accurate

I don’t know who does the forecast update but it is usually off or long term forecasts are very inaccurate. The radar is not the greatest either, I used the different settings which don’t do much more to help.

Initial use good

My first use was very easy and successful.

Really good app

Really helpful to see whats coming and how soon in real time .

St Louis MO weather radio

Why is St Louis MO weather radio never on? I’ve been try to hear it for many weeks.

Not accurate.

Does not reflect information given via NOAA radio.

Too many pop ups

Too many pop ups to upgrade and in app purchases!!. Every single time you go to a new page or area there is an annoying pop-up!!! I will probably delete this app and try a different weather app.


Once I downloaded the app, I was bombarded with other solicitations to try other similar apps/services. I had to delete all.

Top notch


Advertising is beyond annoying

The adds stay on your screen for a specified period of time. You can’t close them right away even when it gives you the option.

You can count on this radar app

Family uses this often. Love it.

NOAA Radar

This app will help anyone to plan a day trip, trip to work, or across country. Its most valuable in pinpointing bad weather. 5 stars.


This app is amazing it shows the whole worlds weather!


Quick access to radar

Great radar app

The features are great and the resolution is wonderful. Great app!

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