NOAA Weather Radar - Weather Forecast & HD Radar App Reviews

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Good app

Happy with this app

Great app!

Love it!

Needs simple features

This is a cool app, but it’s not great because it lacks certain features I think would be really useful. Such as when sharing, share a gif of the last 24 hours, not a snapshot of the last available data. Also, it would be nice to have sources of storms or info on them in the screen that shows the map (why can’t I click on the storms and see info on where they came from or where they’re expected to head? I know that data is available)

Awesome App!

Love clicking on this App to see where upcoming storms are, and how intense they are! Super informative!

Quick Glance

I like to click & see whats going on in my area instead of turning on the tv & having to wade through a bunch of blah blah blah. Most of the time its 5 minutes of commercials before they get to my area & discuss the weather

Easy to use

Great information at a moments need.



Wow One Click

Love it. Lots of good information and easy to navigate.

Quick reference

I like that I can choose a couple locations, (the home and the cabin) and check weather for each. I like the updates that appear. It is simple to use and I have no complaints so far.

Severe Weather App Review

Being in Puerto Rico, it is necessary to have a severe weather app for the voracious Atlantic hurricane season. With the recent hurricanes Irma and Maria, this app had to be in handy. However, this app is full of ads that pop up. Usually I close them, but this time around when hurricane Maria was closing in on the island, I left the app running continuously, while watching the dark clouds and squally weather coming off of the Caribbean. Little did I know, an advertisement popped up while I was gone. I came back a few hours later to find that the phone was acting up. I got the notice that a virus had been encrypted into the phone. The awful advertisement opened by itself and virused my phone. Little did I know that the eyewall was an hour away and my pet bird was outside. I had no way of knowing because of the viral malware, and the winds picked up to 130 before I knew it and my bird was gone. Please find a way to filter these malicious ads out of your application, because this situation was completely unwarrented.

Great app!!!

Does exactly as it says, love it


Is clear and have exactly locación and whether

Great and useful

I love it !!! Only complaint is WAY too many ads..

Love it !

Such a good app.

Es lo realmente maravillosa


Robert A. Martin, CA Life & Health agent, San Francisco, CA


This app is helpful.

This app has helped several times when the weather was real bad.


It make everything is easy about weather.

Useful and free

Yes pop ups are annoying, but I get what I need from this app.

Phishing ads

The advertisers here are the worst. Full screen pop ups with "Your iPhone has 4 virus, and is 23% damaged. Your SIM card is being damaged....". Ill use another app.

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